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Andie Ang

I hold a Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology from the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder). I am a research scientist at Mandai Nature, studying and conserving the Raffles' banded langurs in Singapore and Malaysia. I have previously studied the Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys, Indochinese silvered langurs and black-shanked doucs in Vietnam and white-handed gibbons in Thailand. I also volunteer at the President of the Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore).

Apr 2022 | National Geographic Asia Podcast - Coexistence


Come with me into the jungles of Singapore, where humans and wildlife collide. I share some thoughts and experiences on human-wildlife interactions and how we can coexist with our wild neighbours.

#NatGeoExplorer #Singapore #CityInNature #Coexistence

Jan 2022 | Our Grandfather Story - In Search of the Raffles' Banded Langur


In this episode, we went to Thomson Nature Park in Singapore to look for the elusive Raffles' banded langur. Along the way, we had to pick up poop. Yes, poop 💩

#PoopScience #Primates #Singapore

Jul 2021 | Nature - Where I Work

Andie Ang

Nature shares about the joys and challenges in the conservation of primates, and how I became a primatologist! 

In this picture from 2017, I was monitoring long-tailed macaques in a reserve in central Singapore. Here, we were observing one another — and respecting each other’s space.

#Nature #Primatologist #WhereIWork #Singapore

Nov 2020 | The Guardian - Scatological Science

Scatological science

Poo can help save endangered species!

By analysing DNA from fecal samples of primates, we identified three separate species of banded langurs previously categorised as subspecies, paving the way for targeted conservation strategies.

#TheGuardian #BandedLangurs #Singapore #Malaysia #Indonesia #Asia

Oct 2019 | Great Women of Our Time Award for Science and Technology

Andie Ang

The annual Great Women of Our Time awards presented by Women's Weekly magazine celebrate Singapore's inspiring women who contribute positive change to the society in different fields such as Science and Technology, Arts and Media, and Finance and Commerce. 

Thank you for honouring my work in environmental and wildlife conservation at this year's award for Science and Technology! 

I dedicate this award to the late Mr. Subaraj Rajathurai, who was one of Singapore's greatest nature warriors and my inspiration.



Aug 2019 | 2019 Conservationist Award - American Society of Primatologists

2019 Conservationist Award (ASP)

May 2018 | Appointed as President of Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore)

The Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) was founded in 2007 to continue Dr. Jane's work with humans, animals and the environment. 


Despite being a small island of almost 720 sq km, Singapore is home to rich biodiversity. However as with other highly urbanized countries and developing nations, human-wildlife conflict is a serious concern in the space-limited Singapore. 


As the President, I hope to help further Dr. Jane's goal of promoting wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship.

Aug 2016 | Serving as Chairperson of Raffles' Banded Langur Working Group

Raffles' banded langur

The first Species Action Plan for the conservation of the Raffles' banded langur (Presbytis femoralis femoralis) in Malaysia and Singapore is available here!  

Short Film 2012 | Conserving Colobines: Saving Endangered Leaf Monkeys in Vietnam

With 25 species of primates, Vietnam has one of the highest primate diversities in Southeast Asia. The country is also home to over 92 million people.


Conservation is not easy.


In coordination with local conservation groups, I hope to learn more about and help protect these primates.

TEDxNUS (Singapore) 2011 | Raffles' Banded Langurs in Singapore


The Raffles' banded langur (Presbytis femoralis) is critically endangered in Singapore. Yet, there was little information on its ecology and behaviour. Here I share some of my M.Sc. research findings on this species at TEDxNUS in Singapore.

My work is largely supported by:

CU Boulder
Mandai Nature
Nature Society Singapore
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