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PhD in Anthropology (Biological) | University of Colorado Boulder
Master of Science in Biology (Research) | National University of Singapore
Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences (Honors) | National University of Singapore
Publications (2016- )
Niu K.F., Ang A., Xiao Z. and Gamba M., 2022. Is Yuan in China's Three Gorges a gibbon or a langur? International Journal of Primatology

Ow S., Chan S., Toh Y.H., Chan S.H., Lakshminarayanan J., Jabbar S., Ang A. and Loo A., 2022. Bridging the gap: assessing the effectiveness of rope bridges for wildlife in Singapore. Folia Primatologica 

Ang A. and Jabbar S., 2022. Raffles' banded langur: the elusive primate of Singapore and Malaysia. World Scientific, Singapore, 100 pp. 

Ang A., Boonratana R. and Nijman V., 2021. Presbytis femoralis. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, e.T39801A205832720

Lee Z.H., Ang A. and Ruppert N., 2021. First record of interspecies grooming between Raffles' banded langur and long-tailed macaque. Journal of Threatened Taxa 13(9), 19246-19253

Ang A., Jabbar S., D’Rozario V. and Lakshminarayanan J., 2021. Citizen science program for critically endangered primates: a case study from Singapore. Primate Conservation 35, 179–188

Gamalo L.E., Sabanal B. and Ang A., 2021. Three decades of Philippine non-human primate studies: research gaps and opportunities for Philippine primatology. Primates 62, 233–239 

Ang A., Jabbar S. and Khoo M., 2020. Dusky langurs Trachypithecus obscurus (Reid, 1837) (Primates: Cercopithecidae) in Singapore: potential origin and conflicts with native primate species. Journal of Threatened Taxa 12(9), 15967-15974

Ang A., Roesma D., Nijman V., Meier R., Srivathsan A. and Rizaldi, 2020. Faecal DNA to the rescue: shotgun sequencing of non-invasive samples reveals two subspecies of Southeast Asian primates to be Critically Endangered species. Scientific Reports 10, 9396

Nijman V., Robbins T., Jackson A., Maddock S.T. and Ang A., 2020. Molecular phylogeny, taxonomy and conservation of slender lorises. Primate Conservation 34, 143-151

Ang A. and Jabbar S., 2020. Use of forest in state land along Upper Thomson Road by Raffles’ banded langurs Presbytis femoralis (Martin, 1838) in Singapore. Nature in Singapore 13, 7-10

Sha J., Fam S.D. and Ang A., 2019. Part IV: Swamp primates. In Barnett A.A., Matsuda I. and Nowak K. (eds.), Primates in flooded habitats: ecology and conservation. Cambridge University Press
Ang A., D’Rozario V., Lakshminarayanan J., Lees C.M., Li T.J. and Luz S., 2016. Species action plan for the conservation of Raffles’ banded langur (Presbytis femoralis femoralis) in Malaysia and Singapore. IUCN SSC Conservation Breeding Specialist Group, Apple Valley, MN, USA, 31 pp

Ang A., Srivathsan A., Meier R., Luu Tuong Bach, Le Khac Quyet and Covert H., 2016. No evidence for mitochondrial genetic variability in the largest population of critically endangered Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys in Vietnam. Primates 57, 449-453

Srivathsan A., Ang A., Vogler A.P. and Meier R., 2016. Fecal metagenomics for the simultaneous assessment of diet, parasites, and population genetics of an understudied primate. Frontiers in Zoology 13, 17-29
Grants & Awards
Mandai Nature Fund, Temasek Trust
Great Women of Our Time 2019 (Science and Technology), Singapore Women's Weekly Magazine
2019 Conservationist Award, American Society of Primatologists
LearnSG Seed Fund, Singapore Lifelong Learning Council
OCBCCares Fund for the Environment, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund
Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund, Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Willena D. Cartwright Anthropology Fund, University of Colorado Boulder
National Geographic Waitt Grant, National Geographic Society/Waitt Foundation
Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund, Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Beverly Sears Graduate Student Research Grant, University of Colorado Boulder
Media Coverage & Interviews
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" | The Straits Times
"A monkey researcher fights to protect threatened and endangered primates" | Nature
"Impact 0013: serious monkey business" | !MPACT by Youthopia
"Search for a national treasure" | Go with the Flo, Yahoo TV Singapore
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"Impact of Cross Island Line on wildlife" | Money FM 89.3

"Scatological science: how poo analysis could help save endangered species" | The Guardian

"S'pore green groups hope primate scientist Andie Ang can be considered for NMP" | Mothership
"NTUC, environmental activists submit their picks for Nominated Member of Parliament" | Channel NewsAsia
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" | National Geographic
"Andie Ang's public plea: stop feeding wildlife" | A Magazine
"Singapore's rarest monkeys need love and space to live, says local scientist devoted to saving primates" | South China Morning Post
"Priming the world for primate conservation
" | Asian Scientist

"Critically endangered monkey that calls S'pore home" | The Straits Times
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" | Sin Chew

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