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Adult male, Bu Gia Map National Park, Vietnam

Photo by Hoang Minh Duc

Black-shanked Douc (Pygathrix nigripes)


Three species of doucs are recognised: the black-shanked douc (P. nigripes), red-shanked douc (P. nemaeus), and grey-shanked douc (P. cinerea). The black-shanked douc is identified in the field by its black legs and arms, grey belly, blue face with yellow eye-rings, and a long white tail.


The black-shanked douc is critically endangered with a restricted range in Vietnam and Cambodia [1]. In Vietnam, it is estimated that there are between 3,300 and 4,000 individuals [2], with only a number of ecological research on the species in the wild [3,4,5].


Group of black-shanked doucs, Nui Chua National Park, Vietnam

Photo by Hoang Minh Duc


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