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Indochinese Silvered Langur 

(Trachypithecus germaini)


During the 1950s–1990s, populations of Indochinese silvered langur were almost universally considered conspecific with the better-known, widespread and numerous silvered leaf monkey (T. cristatus) of Sundaic Southeast Asia (Malay peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra and associated small islands) [1]. Recent morphological and molecular analyses suggest, however, that these Sundaic and non-Sundaic populations are not conspecific, although this view is not universal [2]. Additionally, some used Indochinese silvered langur for all non-Sundaic populations [3,4], while others separated them into two species [5,6,7,8,9]: Indochinese silvered langur to the west of the Mekong and Annamese silvered langur (T. margarita) east (although this barrier is not yet confirmed) [9].


Orange infant, Kien Luong, Vietnam

Photo by Adam Pérou Hermans

Feeding, Kien Luong, Vietnam

Photo by Andie Ang

Research to date

The Indochinese silvered langur is one of the most neglected primates in terms of field research and conservation. There are only a few sightings documented in Vietnam over the last 50 years, possibly as a result of limited surveys. Consequently, there is currently no population estimate of the silvered langurs in Vietnam, but they are listed as endangered. In Vietnam, they are only recorded from Kien Giang Province, south of the Mekong.



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