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印尼叶猴 (Presbytis femoralis)




目前共有至少3个亚种,但至今它的分类仍是个争论的议题: P. femoralis percura 在中东苏门答腊,P. f. robinsoni 在北方马来半岛以及 P. f. femoralis 在新加坡和柔佛。虽然印尼叶猴被列为全球易危,但它却是新加坡最濒危哺乳动物之一。曾遍布于岛上各种森林,如今这既害羞又难以捉摸的动物极危,而且只能在中央集水区自然保护区找到。




印尼叶猴, 柔佛, 马来西亚

照片属 Con Foley

印尼叶猴, 新加坡

照片属 Nick Baker


经过三年(2009-2011)的野外和实验室研究,我估计新加坡仅剩40只印尼叶猴,比往年的统计多了一倍 [1]。在这三年里,每逢六月或七月,我也观察到新生猴婴 [1]。此外,我记录27个印尼叶猴喂食的植物物种,当中近一半在本地受威胁。通过遗传基因研究,我发现新加坡的印尼叶猴有着非常低的遗传变异 [2]。所以,即便印尼叶猴的数量增加,过往的数量瓶颈已严重地影响它们的遗传多样性,使保育它们的工作变得更加困难。

目前 (2017-) 展开研究三个主要目标 [4]:

目标 1: To recover and protect RBL in the wild, ensuring that:

  • the rainforest habitat of the taxon is intact, where necessary restored

  • wild populations are connected where needed

  • genetic and demographic viability are ensured

目标 2: To gather key data through ongoing studies, ensuring that:

  • its taxonomy and systematics are clarified, and the biology and ecology understood

  • long-term monitoring and conservation research are in place

目标 3: To secure the necessary resources and commitments for long-term conservation, ensuring that:

  • there is strong public awareness and government support

  • cross-country collaboration is strengthened and long-term financial support has been secured 



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